Club K-9 offers private lessons and group classes for all levels of training, from beginning classes for puppies to AKC’s Canine Good Citizen® certification program for adult dogs.

Amber Hammond’s passion for working with dogs started when she took her mom’s Dalmatian through an obedience class while in the 5th grade-after which she joined the local 4-H group. She has worked in the animal care field being a doggy daycare and boarding attendant (at two facilities), dog trainer, kennel manager, dog bather, and large animal caretaker since graduating high school.  Prior to taking over Club K-9 she worked as a train on Veterinary Technician at a 24 hour veterinary hospital for several years.  Amber earned her BS in Zoology from Washington State University in 2006 with an animal care option.  While running the training program at one of the daycares she developed a love for learning about dog behavior and enjoyed working with the more difficult dogs, which proved to be very helpful working in the veterinary field.  

Our training programs combine practical training techniques and canine education to prevent and solve behavioral problems in dogs. We use reward-based methods that have proven effective among dogs to ensure that the relationships between pet owners and their furry friends are fun, loving, and fabulous.




Group Classes

  • Canine Confidence (beginners of all ages) - $145.00

  • Dynamic Dog (intermediate level) - $155.00

Private Training

  • Hour Session - $80.00

  • 5 Hour Private Lesson Package - $400.00



Private lessons and behavioral consultations are provided in the convenience of your home, where we can handle everything from the basics to the most severe behavior issues while working at your own pace. We can give you all of the tools you need to raise a new puppy, establish a healthy relationship with a newly adopted dog, or even get you back on track when you’re at your wits’ end with your canine companion. We know that each person and each dog is unique; one size does not fit all, and we’re happy to create a custom program just for you!

We’re available seven days a week for private lessons and behavioral consultations. Each session is $75 per hour, and packages are available for $350 for 5 sessions.*



Group Classes** are offered on weeknights and weekends.

Canine Confidence Class

Canine Confidence Class: 6-week session with a class maximum of 8 dogs - This Puppy Kindergarten/Beginning Dog class is for pups of all ages. It’s great for young puppies under the age of 4 months looking for their first training and social experience, and it’s also great for well-socialized dogs of any age in need of basic skills. Each week, the class is divided into quarters. The first portion of class focuses on off-leash socialization and recalls, and pups learn how to play appropriately with new friends. At the same time, you’ll learn how to make sure that they play safely and appropriately with other dogs as well as what your dog’s body language means. You’ll also learn how to call your pup back to you and away from play. In the second portion of class, we teach basic training commands such as “sit,” “down,” “stand,” “off,” “watch me,” and “wait and stay.” During the third portion, we educate families on how to raise their pups while conducting an open discussion and problem-solving session. Some of the topics we’ll discuss are how to establish a positive relationship with your dog, how to handle chewing, how to stop jumping, and how to curb barking. The final portion of class concentrates on handling exercises. At this time, we’ll discuss health and safety issues concerning your dog while teaching you how examine him to spot common signs of illness. We’ll also show you how to calm your dog while touching and examining him, cleaning his ears, brushing his teeth, clipping his nails, and more.

Dynamic Dog Class

Dynamic Dog Class: 6-week session with a class maximum of 6 dogs - This intermediate class is for dogs that have completed our Canine Confidence Class or have transferred from a similar course. In this class, dogs improve on the basic skills that they acquired in CCC; we reinforce proper leash behavior and recalls in all situations, and pups learn how to work with distractions. Also, since many of the dogs in this class are transitioning from bright-eyed puppy hood to adolescence, which can be a very challenging stage in life, we continue to problem solve and troubleshoot various behavioral matters. We only allow six dogs in this class to give each family the opportunity to personally work with the instructor to fulfill their individual goals.

*If you live more than 20 minutes from Club K-9, a travel charge may apply. We charge $100 per hour for aggression cases.

**Classes are only for dogs that enjoy being with people and other dogs. Discussions cover basic issues confronting most doggy families. If your dog doesn’t get along well with others or you’re experiencing more serious problems with your dog, please call us and ask about our private lessons.

**If you don’t see the type of class you are looking for on the above list, please call us. We’re always adding new and exciting classes to our schedule.


  • Your dog must be at least 3 months of age for Canine Confidence.

  • Your dog must have completed Canine Confidence at Club K-9 recently, or have completed a similar course and be approved to take Dynamic Dog by our manager.

  • We require that your dog has shown no known aggression to people or animals.

  • Your dog must be current on vaccinations appropriate for their age: Distemper, and Parvo required. Consult your veterinarian to see what vaccinations are best for your dog in addition to the core vaccines Club K-9 requires.

  • Dogs should be free of any symptoms of illness and cleared by a veterinarian before attending class if there have been any recent symptoms of illness.

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