Q: What do you do to keep my dog(s) safe?

A: We do everything we can to keep your dogs safe.

  1. Dogs at play are always carefully supervised by our well-trained staff.
  2. Boarding dogs have their own private rooms to sleep in at night. These rooms are separated by full walls so you can rest assured there will be no fighting over toys through fences.
  3. All play areas are covered with rubber flooring to buffer your dogs’ young, developing joints while they run and keep their bodies safe while they wrestle.
  4. We regularly clean all of the areas in our facility with a nontoxic cleaner that kills canine viruses and bacteria without exposing our staff or your dogs to harmful chemicals.
  5. We offer a completely separate playroom just for little dogs. Some little dogs are rough and rowdy, have durable little bodies, and insist on playing with the big dogs. However, toy breeds, light-boned, and long-backed (Miniature Dachshunds, for example) aren’t allowed in with the big dogs, no matter what they say. At the same time, all of our big dogs must be nonaggressive toward dogs of all sizes; it only takes one heavy paw to cause serious damage to a tiny dog.
  6. All of our dog areas are separated by at least one confined area. For instance, a dog at play in one of our play areas would have to get through a gate, two doors, and our retail area before reaching a door leading to the outside.
  7. Both of our properties are protected by state-of-the-art alarm systems monitored 24 hours a day. Our North Portland location is also monitored by an overnight caretaker.
  8. All dogs must undergo a strict evaluation before staying at Club K-9. If at any time a dog exhibits behavior that could potentially harm other dogs, his privileges will be revoked.
  9. All dogs must be healthy and free of parasites and communicable diseases before staying at Club K-9.
  10. We closely monitor all dogs’ health and well-being. If a dog doesn’t appear to be doing well, we’ll notify his parents immediately.

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Q: Can my dog get hurt or sick when staying with you?

A: Yes. Club K-9 is the safest place around for your dog; however, there are potentially harmful situations that are out of our control. Dogs are animals, and they play rough. They wrestle and play with their mouths instead of their hands, and, just like children, they can hurt their best friends by mistake. Sometimes, a dog’s teeth intending to catch a ball accidentally catch another dog’s body. If this type of situation occurs, you can take comfort in knowing that our knowledgeable staff is prepared to handle it.

Another common situation is dogs often spread illness before they show any symptoms themselves, so if your dog is new to the social scene – like a child starting school – you should expect him to get a few bugs while he’s building his immune system. Additionally, the rubber in our play areas that buffers your dog’s body and creates traction while he runs can be rough on the pads of his paws, and it’s common for the pads to blister and tear before they toughen. Most daycare dogs experience this, but their paws heal rapidly soon thereafter.

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Q: Why do you have naptime?

A: We have naptime for the same reason all daycares do. Just like children, some young dogs play themselves into exhaustion. If we let them go all day, they’ll get cranky and spat with one another. To keep them physically and mentally healthy, we make sure all dogs are well-exercised, well-fed, and well-rested.

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Q: Why do all daycare and boarding dogs have to be dropped off in the morning?

A: When we first opened, we allowed dogs to be dropped off at any time. We soon realized that this was not good for them. Dogs that had already played all morning were frustrated by frisky newcomers, and late-arriving boarders didn’t get enough time to socialize and play before they were expected to settle down for the night. We know that you’ll miss them while you’re away and you want to spend every last minute with them before you go, but our rule is definitely in their best interest. If you need us to make an exception, as always, we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

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Q: Why do you need an emergency contact?

A: We strongly urge that you provide a cell phone or another number that we can use to reach you while you’re away. If anything unusual happens with your dog, we’d like to notify you immediately, and if your dog requires veterinary care, we’d like to directly collaborate with you to determine the best options for him. We’d also like a local contact who is available to pick up your dog in case he needs to leave the premises. If you aren’t reachable and don’t know anyone who can pick up your dog, we’re well-equipped to handle any situation and make the best decisions for him.

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Q: Why does my dog have to be neutered? Does my female dog have to be spayed?

A: We do allow puppies to stay at Club K-9 before they’re neutered, but all male dogs must be neutered before they reach six months old. We find that intact males can really change the dynamics of a group setting where the vast majority of the other dogs present are neutered. We don’t require that female dogs be spayed; however, female dogs may not stay at Club K-9 while they’re in heat and must have someone that can pick them up immediately if they do begin their cycle.

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Q: What vaccinations do you require?

A: We require proof from your veterinarian that your dog is up to date on their parvovirus and distemper vaccinations. These are two deadly viruses that dogs have contracted in this region of the country. We also accept titers or our health certificate signed by your veterinarian in lieu of current vaccination records. It’s up to you to read up on vaccinations and discuss your options with you veterinarian to make the most educated decisions for your dog’s health. Please feel free to discuss any concerns that you may have with us. Your dog’s health and well-being is our utmost concern.

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Q: My puppy is only 10 weeks old. Can he stay at Club K-9?

A: Yes, we do accept young puppies with your veterinarian’s approval. It’s a great opportunity for puppies to interact with healthy, well-socialized dogs in our safe environment. However, it’s important you understand that young puppies, just like young children, are at more risk of illness and injury than other dogs due to their developing bodies and immature immune systems.

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Q: Why do I have to bring my dog’s own food when he’s boarding with you?

A: We provide a fun and stress-free environment for your dog, but there’s no getting around the fact that he loves and misses you when you’re gone. That fact alone causes upset tummies, and we don’t want to contribute to the problem. Also, there are a number of different foods on the market, and many dogs have sensitive digestive tracks and/or food allergies. If we change your dog’s diet, there’s a good chance that the new food will upset his system, and we could misinterpret the reaction as an illness or, even worse, attribute the reaction to the change in diet when a serious illness is to blame and medical attention is needed. All in all, when dogs are boarding with us, we pay close attention to how they’re doing mentally and physically, and we simply want to make sure they’re feeling well and having a good time.

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Q: Why does my dog have to wear a Quick Release Collar?

A: On rare occasions, wrestling dogs get their mouths entangled in each other’s collars. If this occurs, a Quick Release Collar can be removed quickly and safely. Other types of collars have to be cut, and a sharp object combined with the amount of time that it takes to cut a collar may result in injury to the entangled dogs or our staff.

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Q: How should I expect my dog to behave when I pick him up from daycare or boarding? What condition will he be in?

A: When your dog stays at Club K-9 for the first time, he’s sure to make quite a few friends and play more than he ever has in his entire life. While some dogs have boundless energy and behave normally when they get home, most dogs are very tired after their initial visit and often skip dinner because they’re ready for bed. And even after they get some sleep, they typically need a day or two to rest. Dogs that join us on a regular basis usually learn to pace themselves and take full advantage of naptime, but if your dog still seems too tired after each visit, simply let us know and we’ll extend the time he spends napping.

If your dog seems unusually tired or is showing any signs of illness, such as an upset stomach, coughing, or vomiting, please err on the side of caution and take him to his veterinarian. We watch all of our canine guests very closely and immediately respond to any health concerns, but a dog can play his heart out without indicating that he isn’t feeling well until he gets home.

Overall, your dog should be in a happy and relaxed condition when you pick him up, but he may be a little stinky, especially if he likes to wrestle on the floor or play in water. We’re more than happy to bathe him before you pick him up, or if you prefer, you’re welcome to bathe him yourself in our tub. We require that your dog arrives at Club K-9 flea-free and relatively clean, but we don’t recommend that you have him groomed before his stay. Chances are that you wouldn’t be picking him up in the same condition.

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