Club K-9 Tigard is one of two Club K-9 locations. We also have a facility located in Portland. If you have any questions about our services, please take a look at our FAQ page. We encourage you to give us a shout, come visit our location, or fill out the contact form on the Contact page.


Tigard Club K-9 Owners - Amber and Chris

Tigard Club K-9 Owners - Amber and Chris

Family owned and operated, Club K-9 was born out of necessity. When Sharon, a dog trainer and behavioral consultant since 1987, met Jeremy, an animal lover and natural with dogs, they knew they were a perfect match – and later decided to foster dogs in their home, which they did for many years. But when they found themselves giving in to too many persuasive clients who asked them to board their dogs while they traveled or when they needed a little extra training, their own pets started getting frustrated. So in 2002, they decided to create a place that would offer dogs all of the safety and comfort of their own home, and in August of that year, they successfully completed it in Tigard, Oregon, at the border of Portland and Lake Oswego. Sharon and Jeremy have since expanded their humane operation to North Portland, immediately next door to North Portland Veterinary Hospital.

On July 4, 2013 Amber, and her husband Chris, took over ownership of the Tigard location of Club K-9.  Amber’s passion for working with dogs started when she took her mom’s Dalmatian through an obedience class while in the 5th grade-after which she joined the local 4-H group.  Since then she has maintained her activity in the dog 4-H program through being a leader and superintendent in her hometown.  She has worked in the animal care field being a doggy daycare and boarding attendant (at two facilities), dog trainer, kennel manager, dog bather, and large animal caretaker since graduating high school.  Prior to taking over Club K-9 she worked as a train on Veterinary Technician at a 24 hour veterinary hospital for several years.  Amber earned her BS in Zoology from Washington State University in 2006 with an animal care option.  While running the training program at one of the daycares she developed a love for learning about dog behavior and enjoyed working with the more difficult dogs, which proved to be very helpful working in the veterinary field.  While enjoying the medical aspect of taking care of the furry patients at the hospital, Amber’s passion had been to get back into the dog daycare field by running her own facility and came across Club K-9 at the perfect time.

Both locations are open 365 days a year and feature the highest-quality daycare, boarding, and training available.